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Supernatural Seasons 1-14 DVD Special Features
Actors: Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles
Language: English
Boxed Set: Yes
Number of discs: 80
Condition: New
Region: Region Free
Weight: 4 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
DVD Release Date: 2018
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Supernatural Seasons 1-14 DVD Box Set

Supernatural Seasons 1-14 DVD Overview

Castiel informs Sam and Dean that he has a meeting with an angel about Jack but says he needs to go alone. Asmodeus is unable to sense Jack, and is told that the Winchesters no longer have him. In the alternate world, Michael takes most of Lucifers grace, using his Kevin Tran to create a portal for Lucifers earth. Instead, Lucifer escapes and the portal closes. Lucifer arrives back in the correct time,Supernatural Seasons 1-14 DVD but is greatly weakened. Meanwhile the brothers notice witches being killed. Talking to a survivor, they discover the killer is searching for Rowena and looks like Arthur Ketch. Capturing him, he claims to be Arthurs twin brother, Alexander,Supernatural Seasons 1-14 who turned his back on the British Men of Letters. Sam finds records of Alexander but Dean is skeptical. Castiel meets with the angel Dumah and is told the angels population is very low and they intend to force Jack to create more angels when they find him.

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